About Firebrand Architect® cohorts

Firebrand Architect® cohorts are small, exclusive, and discrete groups of architects who seek to improve their software architecture expertise through interpersonal learning with likeminded professionals. Cohort members are professionals leading from the trenches – they bear the responsibility for making early design decisions that fundamentally define and influence software solutions. They solve real world problems and use colleagues from their cohort for decision making support. Members exchange ideas and leverage their experiences to learn, to grow, and to innovate. Participants sometimes use the SEI Software Architecture Paradigm as the framework for discussing architecturally curious concepts. Each cohort forms its own microcosm and no two are alike, however all cohorts are guided by seasoned architects who are passionate about enabling peers to create software fit for purpose. Ultimately cohorts are for software architecture practitioners that understand that becoming better at architecting is a process and not an event.

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